Neck Cradle Review


Neck Cradle Review Of the many items/pillows I’ve tried offering positional/tension release, Dr. Riters Real Ease Neck Cradle is one of my favorites. My clients have gotten great relief from headaches as well as neck and shoulder tension. It’s unique cervical shaped support perfectly positions your neck while allowing gravity to provide a gentle traction to the base of your skull to help release tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw–while relieving tight, sore muscles.

Getting the Real Ease is really easy, you can purchase them on Amazon from me for $33

Pectoral Health

Pectoral Health

One of the most common problem areas clients need me to address are, drum roll please, neck and shoulders. Whether you’re driving, doing dishes, computer work, or nursing your baby, many of us find ourselves laboring over our work. Your back hurts, but your pectoral muscles may be to blame. These muscles become short and want to stay in their shortened position, causing rounded shoulders and postural deficiencies.

Occasionally you may try and sit up straight, but 3 seconds into it, you realize it’s  difficult and tiring. Passively elongating your upper chest muscles can bring about balance to your upper body; helping to relieve your upper back and neck tension!

Simply place your hand comfortably on a wall or door jam at about shoulder height,  elbow can be straight or bent, whichever is more effective, and pivot away. Breath deeply into the stretch, taking the stretch further as the muscles release.  This stretch should always feel good, like a morning stretch, and in no way compromise the joint.  Play with the stretch and modify it to suit your own body, and be sure to do both sides. If you feel pain, please stop immediately.

You may do this several times a day, and experience the great results!