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Each session is custom tailored to suit your needs. Prior to your massage,  we will briefly discuss your goals and how you would like to conduct your session time; orchestrating a treatment plan exclusively for you

Brevia (30 Minutes)            $50

Composed of detailed, focused massage techniques, we use your time wisely  to bring about positive change!

Essential Therapeutic (60 minutes)      $100

Harmonize your full body relaxation massage with specific work on tight areas, bringing about rejuvenation and balance ~or~ focus entirely on your troubled spots for lasting relief.

Selah Signature (90 minutes)                $150

A symphony of bliss; revive your body and mind by thoroughly working tight painful muscles while integrating the whole body ~or~ seamlessly blend your relaxation massage with a focused detailed approach.

Embodiment    (2 hours)            $200

Lavishly  immerse yourself in relaxation; our time is dedicated to restoration as we thoroughly move from one area of the body to the next, resulting in pain relief and renewal, be the embodiment of bliss.

Each session incorporates Serenity infused steamed towels

Mobile Massage

We bring our love of massage and wellness to you, catering our services to transport our clients to bliss and offering a unique and beneficial addition to your next event! Learn more!


Selah_icon_small   Enhancements

Warmed Basalt Stones $20

Amy blends the use of warmed stones with other massage techniques for a fuller effect; warmed stones are used as massage tools to access deeper tissue without added pressure or temporarily left in place while we work other areas. Warmed stones work exceptionally well over larger ‘guarded’ musculature, soothing and overriding resistance as they melt away tension.  This is a very nurturing and comforting treatment, especially on chilly days. 

Paraffin Hand Therapy    $25

This renewal begins with an exfoliating sugar scrub and steamed aromatic towel wrap, followed with a moisturizing hand massage; sealing in hydration with nourishing bee balm. We then cocoon your hands in warm paraffin, allowing the heat to penetrate & deeply condition, soothing joints and making dry hands supple again.

Sole Revival $25 (additional 10 minutes)

The revival of your tired feet begins with an invigorating salt polish and steamed aromatic towel wrap, followed by a nurturing massage using nourishing balm designed to bring soothing relief. We will finish with the deeply penetrating warmth of paraffin creating an environment that welcomes moisture and vitality.

~Prices do not include Minnesota Sales Tax~


Thank you for continuing to send your friends and family to me, I greatly appreciate your conscientious referrals!