Dr. Riters Real Ease Neck Cradle


Dr. Riters Real Ease Neck Cradle

After 16+ years of recommending Dr. Riters Real Ease Neck Cradle, I am thrilled to announce that I now carry this awesome product! Of the many items/pillows I’ve tried offering positional/tension release, Dr. Riters Real Ease Neck Cradle is  my #1 Go-To. Myself and my clients have gotten great relief from headaches as well as neck and shoulder tension. It’s unique cervical shaped  positions your neck while allowing gravity to provide a gentle traction to the base of your skull  helping to release tension in the neck, shoulders and jaw. The Real Ease encourages  your natural “C” curve of the upper cervical spine; this helps ‘ unhinge’ locked up anterior neck muscles, allowing over stretched, fatigued posterior neck and shoulder muscles much needed slack, bringing relief. $30


553787_4398810256568_163910542_nDr. Riters Real Ease Neck Cradle helps reverse what is commonly known as forward head posture which according to Mayo Clinic, leads to long term muscle strain, herniations, arthritis, and pinched nerves.

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