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Selah is privileged to provide massage and bodywork on location, backstage at concert venues, festivals, and theaters for music and entertainment industry professionals. We truly understand the high-stress environment & unpredictable schedule that is part of stage, film & TV industry and we cater our services to transport our clients to bliss — even amidst production chaos. We offer both table and chair massage and come to your select location or venue for your convenience.

Our team is composed of respected certified and insured professionals who deliver the highest quality treatments in the industry and strive to do all they can to make the lives of performers and crew members more comfortable.

Our vision is to offer high quality, healing bodywork to artists and the teams of professionals who work hard to make events look effortless.

“Real authentic therapeutic massage that lasts and prepped my day in 20min! Touring on the road is not ideal for body mobility. We spend a lot of time in buses and planes with limitations on areas and times to stretch and exercise. With Selah massage, it’s no mall or intro to massage gimmick, this is legit and specialized to get your target areas released immediately and get you show ready. My whole body feels expanded, energized, and my breathing has even felt better. Add the atmosphere, client care, and great people, I simply can’t recommend them enough!” 2018 Paul Scott #LoCash

“That was one of the best massages I’ve ever received, and I’ve had hundreds; I wish I could take you on tour with me!” ~George O’Dowd

“Absolutely Brilliant! You nailed it!” Bruce D. 

“I love your approach; I can tell you know what you’re doing, and I’ve had a lot of massages. Best massage I’ve ever had.” ~S.W. Buckcherry

“Genius.”  B. Dickenson

“I can tell you’ve been doing this for a really long time, you know what you’re doing.” ~TM National Christian Tour

“I’ve had massages from all over the world and you’re one of the best.” ~Steph a twenty year veteran massage therapist for Bruno Mars, Fleetwood Mac, Backstreet Boys etc.

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Benefits of Massage for Musicians & Performers

  • Sharper mental and physical acuity for practice and performing
  • Enhanced flexibility and mobility
  • Prevention and treatment of repetitive use injury
  • Balanced energy, reduced fatigue
  • Optimized posture and alignment
  • Reduced stress and tension related to performance anxiety
  • Better body awareness