The Evolution of a Massage Program

It was about a year and a half ago when I embarked on a new massage endeavor; an office who’s employees are responsible for, through careful and rigorous effort, fabricating life saving devices. They are seated for most of their shift, and their tasks require meticulous detailed work along with great arm, hand and shoulder strength for several hours per day. Repetitive use injury incidents were on the rise and morale was low.

The objective was to implement a massage program for those interested on a monthly basis in order to reduce the incidents of repetitive use injury. I was initially set up inside of a small cubicle in a vast empty warehouse and began by coming in three times per week and four hours per shift, providing chair massage to neck, shoulders and forearms. I quickly discovered that the position of the chair massage didn’t do them any favors and if we wanted to create lasting change, we needed to provide a table option.

They created a larger space within my cubicle to allow for a massage table. The table worked well as it allowed for treatment on opposing/assisting muscle groups and open up the anterior. It also helped create a more immediately relaxing experience; I was able to stretch clients and address areas not accessible on the chair like calves and hamstrings.

In January, we temporarily moved my cubicle to a space in a breakroom so that a renovation could begin in the warehouse space. It was helpful to be in a convenient high profile space up to introduce the massage program to other employees. I began coming 5 days per week to get ready for an influx of employees that are due to transfer to this location in a few months.  I began calling upon trusted quality body workers to fill in occasionally so that I could continue to serve my other clients.



These 2 photos were taken from almost the same spot, that little door in the first picture is where my door is now.

I’ve now moved into the beautiful new space that was created for massage and first-aid,  it’s got 4 walls and a door and everything! I am basically right near the old spot where I started; we’re 2 days in and it’s going well! Of course, I still offer massage at my office in Crystal and work with companies, retreat centers and venues all across Minnesota.

The treatments we do here are very specific and detailed, I employ  Neuromuscular Therapy most frequently, and am seeing incredible results. The incidents of repetitive use injury have dropped considerably.



The people here have become such a treasure to me. They come from all over the world; Laos, Liberia, Kenya, China and the U.S.A and have made me feel welcome and to be honest, I’ve never experienced the gushing gratitude that they’ve shown me here. The kind things that they say make me thrilled with our progress.



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